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Houston Occupational Therapy

Many people need therapy after an accident or a stroke. As people age, they may need therapy as well just to maintain and independent lifestyle. At Pathfinder, we have some of the most skilled Occupational Therapists and Therapy Assistants in the Houston Occupational Therapy field. We ensure all therapists are certified in their specific discipline. Through this, we offer the finest, most competent Occupational Therapy available.

Pathfinder Home Health Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants provide Houston Occupational Therapy services to improve self-care abilities which include:

Activities of Daily Living
Simple activities like brushing our teeth or using the toilet we can sometimes take for granted; until you have difficulty doing them. Having a Houston Occupational Therapy plan to help individuals “learn again” these daily activities after an accident or stroke is essential.

Flexibility and Strength Conditioning – critical for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, blood flow, and brain health.

Fine/ Gross Motor Skills –¬†Fine and Gross motor skills are the coordination of small and large muscle movements especially the coordination of finger movement with vision. As people age, these skills must be exercised or decrease in efficiency.

During occupational therapy, the therapist uses a variety of sensory motor techniques that enhance balance, equilibrium, and coordination to improve functional activities.

Visual Perceptual Motor Skills
Visual motor skills is another term for eye-hand coordination, which means that the eyes and hands work together smoothly. For seniors, strong hand & finger muscles and good eyesight are essential for hand-eye coordination.

Low Vision
As people age, low vision can happen to anyone. For seniors with low vision, it is imperative that the Houston Occupational Therapy plan involve exercises to hone hand-eye coordination to assist with low vision conditions.

Assistive and Adaptive Devices
Just like learning how to program your TV, many adaptive devices need training. Learning how to use hearing aids, motorized wheelchairs, and other adaptive devices can easily be taught be an Occupational Therapist or Houston Occupational Assistant.

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